Molecules are everything! Our website MoleClues ( targets young people aged 10-18 all over the world. On MoleClues, we seek to inspire, entertain and educate young people with topics related to molecules and molecular sciences. MoleClues features games, interviews, videos, and news, combining chemistry, physics, medicine and biology to show how molecules and molecular phenomena form our daily lives.

Highlights include:

  • Original games (The Chemistry of Love, Moleculetris)
  • Fun and educational videos, including the Chemistry Calendar video series, which was awarded as the best activity in Sweden during the International Year of Chemistry
  • Interviews with several Nobel laureates
  • Science news


MoleClues also hosts the Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize competition. Visitors can create accounts on the website and submit questions. Logged in users also get points for various activities on the website.


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