Lectures, in chronological order:

Links to video recording provided where available.

Photocatalysis and CO2 Reduction  | 

Akira Fujishima, President, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

Lighting the Earth by LEDs 

Hiroshi Amano, 2014 Nobel Prize in Physics, Nagoya University, Japan

Brain has a high water content  | 

Yoshinori Fujiyoshi, Nagoya University, Japan

How water fluctuates, reacts and phase changes  | 

Iwao Ohmine, Ex-Director General of Institute for Molecular Science, Japan

Where am I from? Where are you going?

Ryoji Noyori, 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Director-General of CRDS, JST, Japan

Dynamics of Chemical Reactions and the Sustainable Development of Humanity  | 

Yuan Tseh Lee, 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, President Emeritus, Institute of Atomic and Molecular Sciences, Academia Sinica

Molecular Frontiers Youth Activities and Announcement of the Winners of the 2016 Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize  | 

Per Thorén, COO of Molecular Frontiers Foundation and Åsa Rensfeldt, Lead Organizer of Molecular Frontiers Inquiry Prize

Math Spectacle Show  | 

Jin Akiyama, Tokyo University of Science

Key issues in contemporary medicine, environmental aspects and the microbiome

Ada Yonath, 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Protein folding is basis of life and death  | 

Pernilla Wittung-Stafshede, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

Left and Right in Nature - Why does it matter?  | 

Reiko Kuroda, Tokyo University of Science, Japan

An Example of Useful Science for Human Beings: Organic Synthesis by Organoboron Coupling Reaction  | 

Akira Suzuki, 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Japan

Metal mimicking organic compounds in shape restoration  | 

Satoshi Takamizawa, Yokohama City University, Japan


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