Inspiring public appreciation of molecular science globally

Science fires our imagination about what might be possible. It helps us answer ancient enigmas as well as current pressing problems: How did life begin? How does memory work? How do we use the energy around us to accomplish our tasks without harming the world we live in? How do we supply clean water to everyone?
Molecular Frontiers particularly welcomes young inquisitive minds to bring their curiosity and inquisitiveness to our activities. The answer to one question often leads to a set of new, perhaps better, questions and moves our imagination another step ahead.

Molecular Frontiers is a global network of scientists and educators aiming to:

- Raise the public appreciation of molecular science
- Stimulate an interest in science in young people
- Connect eminent molecular scientists around matters of global significance


Molecular Frontiers Symposia bring together world leading scientists to present recent discoveries on current topics, on which general discussion is encouraged. Open to the public, our symposia especially welcome high school students.


Molecules are everything! On our website MoleClues, we seek to inspire, entertain and educate young people with topics related to molecules and molecular sciences. 


The world’s first prize rewarding questions rather than answers, recognizing the critical role of curiosity in the scientific process. Each year, five girls and five boys win the prize for the most insightful scientific question.


Art is a universal language, much like science. Science@Art is a virtual museum, where children can investigate scientific concepts through art. The artwork is provided by children as well as scientists, and is linked to activities at MoleClues.

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